About us

We are...

We are a small hobby-grade Border Collie Kennel passionate about this fascinating breed. Our ambition and goal is to breed what we think is a perfect dog. And that means healthy dog with great, easy-going character, dynamic temperament, agile movement, dog bred to endure and to be a great life companion, dog that is willing to please, intelligent, obedient and eager to play, do sports or work, dog that looks good, happy and joyful.

Our dogs are full members of our family. They live in a house with us, they go everywhere we go including vacation travels. And yes, they know gazillion of cool tricks. Training our dogs keeps them obedient, sharp-minded and happy. And when our dogs are happy, we are happy too.


We live in Kaštel Štafilić, part of Kaštela, suburban area between Split and Trogir in Dalmatia, south part of Croatia. In our opinion, this is perfect location for Border Collies. Here they have everything they need. Standalone family house with huge garden they enjoy and play in, rural areas are within 10-20 minutes of driving so we often go to the river, into the woods and to the mountains. Sea is 50m from the house and in the summer time, swimming a lot is one of dog's favorite activities.